General Dental Services and Cosmetic Dentistry in Winfield, Illinois



Winfield Family Dentistry provides a full range of dental services to care for all of your dental needs.
Hygiene Department: Our hygiene team will work to keep your mouth in a state of optimum health. They will remove tartar deposits that brushing and flossing cannot remove. They will instruct you on proper home dental care. They also x-ray the teeth, and help in diagnosing periodontal disease. They can also place sealants on teeth and give fluoride treatments to prevent tooth decay.
Cosmetic Dentistry: We offer a full range of cosmetic services, including bleaching to lighten the teeth, bonding and veneers to close spaces and change tooth shape and color, metal-free crowns, and tooth colored fillings which bond to the teeth much better than old silver fillings. We offer both tray bleaching with Nite White, and instant bleaching with Zoom.
Invisalign: We can now straighten your teeth without braces with Invisalign! Call today for a free Invisalign consultation. For more information on Invisalign, Please click
Snoring and Sleep Apnea: We have received extensive training in the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. We have the necessary training and expertise and equipment to work with your sleep physician to treat problems of sleep apnea and snoring. For more information, please see our snoring and sleep apnea page or click:
Crowns & Bridges: A crown is used to restore a tooth that is cracked, broken or heavily filled. It also is usually recommended after root canal therapy. A bridge is often used to fill in a space where a tooth is missing, by attaching crowns on either side of the space. We offer metal free crowns for areas of the mouth where esthetics are critical.
Root Canal Therapy: A Root Canal is the process of taking a diseased nerve out of a tooth, in order to save the tooth. This is commonly the best way to treat a tooth that is causing severe pain.
Implants: Implants are generally are the best way to replace missing teeth. The implant becomes integrated with the jaw bone to provide stability. These are useful for replacing single missing teeth, several teeth, or even anchoring a full denture. We can do any type of restoration involving implants, ranging from a single tooth to replacing all your teeth permanently with teeth you do not take out of your mouth. We do most of our implant cases in conjunction with Drs. Kolinski and Crosby, who take care of the surgical aspect of the treatment.
Dentures: We provide a full range of denture services. We fabricate new full or partial dentures, and offer relines which can tighten your existing denture.
TMJ & Nightguards: Many people experience jaw programs. This is called TMJ (Temperomandibular Joint Disorder). We offer treatment for this and provide acrylic nightguards for people who grind their teeth at night. We also are experienced with the NTI-TSS device. These devices prevent the patient from grinding the teeth and help to relieve jaw pain and preserve the teeth, and are also approved by the FDA for treatment of migraine headaches.
Patient Safety: We observe all OSHA standards and guidelines for infection control. All instruments are heat sterilized, and all surfaces disinfected after each patient. Whenever possible, we use single use disposable items.
Patient Comfort: Your comfort is our top priority. Dental anxiety is extremely common. We want to make your visit with us as pleasant as possible. When local anesthetic is necsssary, we use a topical anesthetic first to deaden the gum before the injection. We also have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) available to help patients relax. To further stereo head phones are available for the patients use.